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Employee incentive programs improve warehouse operations

Reward programs can be used to engage warehouse workers and reduce order fulfillment times.

E-commerce accounted for more than $1 trillion in sales worldwide in 2012. Online channels are quickly becoming the main methods that consumers use to research and purchase merchandise. This is making logistics management an essential part of building customer loyalty and repeat sales.

A survey by comScore found that fast and reliable delivery was a vital factor in customer satisfaction, E-Consultancy reported. Forty-one percent of respondents said that receiving products on time led them to recommend a specific retailer. Companies that are able to ensure merchandise arrives exactly when online shoppers want it may see an increase in retention rates. Maintaining control of deliveries requires warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers to operate effectively. Fortunately, employee incentive programs give businesses the ability to motivate workers and boost productivity.

Reward programs can be used to engage warehouse workers and reduce order fulfillment times. The same practices are effective at improving communication between distribution centers and other departments. A central part of ensuring that purchases are delivered on time is having sufficient merchandise in stock. Incentive programs can be used to foster teamwork and coordination between the various departments involved in procurement practices.

Communicating effectively with customers
Communication with customers is also an essential tool for improving their experiences. The comScore survey found that customers want proactive communication about delivery times. Increasingly, the omnichannel supply chain is being used to conduct dialogue with patrons. Business Insider stated that retailers are working to tie mobile, social and in-store channels into a seamless customer experience. This requires staff members to be dedicated to creating a smooth and effective shopping experience. Employee reward recognition programs can be used to encourage workers to provide services through multiple channels. Acknowledging customer service agents who create meaningful consumer experiences with the use of new technology could motivate others to implement omnichannel service strategies.

Incentive programs are useful tools for encouraging individuals to adopt new practices. As online purchases become more popular, they will bring challenges for businesses to overcome. Reward initiatives motivate workers to take on these obstacles to deliver results. These incentives create a simple way to inspire staff members, increasing engagement and boosting productivity. Employees who are energized and excited to try new things can help organizations become more flexible and agile, and able to respond to changing market conditions.

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