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Mobile devices helping to improve reward and recognition programs

Mobile tools give businesses the opportunity to create effective reward and recognition programs for remote workforces.

Mobile devices provide employees with quick access to the information they need to do their jobs from anywhere. By implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and removing the number of obstacles that staff members face, companies can increase worker productivity and satisfaction.

"Mobile has forever changed customer experience expectations, and now BYOD's are highlighting a fundamental change in the workplace," Mayur Anadkat, director of product marketing at Five9, told 1to1 Media. "In particular, tablets, like the iPad, offer a new way to work and be efficient. While you may not be able to do every single thing you can do on your desktop, tablets offer a new and more powerful way for business owners to visualize, react, and even conduct work."

Mobile tools give businesses the opportunity to create effective reward and recognition programs for remote workforces. Smartphones and tablets enable companies to communicate with staff members who are regularly out of the office. Sales staff, regional offices, truck drivers and other workers can now  stay connected to the rest of their company through social networks and mobile communication strategies. This enables managers to publicly recognize the commitment and dedication of their staff in a way that is meaningful for the entire organization.

Helping to improve wellness programs
Business Insurance noted that technology is also helping firms increase participation in wellness programs. Text messages and mobile apps are being used to promote initiatives and keep workers motivated through automated reminders about participating in fitness classes or offering suggestions for healthy, low-fat meals. This content can be personalized to boost engagement levels and generate better results for the programs.

Delivering messages directly to individuals is just one way that companies can incorporate mobile devices into reward programs. The technology makes it easier for employees to join social networks. Encouraging workers to create and join various groups online could increase their participation. Group-based wellness programs generate better results than initiatives centered around individuals. With mobile devices, staff members can participate in discussions and fitness activities even when on the road. The same principle can be used with sales incentive programs, allowing managers to send regular updates to staff members in the field.

Building employee engagement requires companies to help workers understand how they fit within the organization. This can be difficult when employees are out of the office for extended periods of time. Mobile devices give firms a way to remain connected.

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