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Build a positive reputation for customer service with call center incentive programs

Consumers have come to expect a particular level of service from companies, and they are becoming more vocal when these expectations aren't met.

Consumers have come to expect a particular level of service from companies, and they are becoming more vocal when these expectations aren't met. Research by NewVoiceMedia found that nearly a third of customers (31 percent) post about their experiences online. Word about the frustration these patrons are feeling quickly spreads throughout social networks and could end up costing firms future business.

Online reviews are an important factor in generating new sales. Potential clients are often swayed by a company's online reputation, according to a study by Dimensional Research. The study found that 86 percent of respondents stated they had avoided a particular brand because of negative reviews, Marketing Land reported.

Use reward programs to engage staff
This makes it essential that companies provide friendly and engaging service for each and every interaction. Despite the growth of channels like social media, the call center remains an essential part of customer service strategies. The NewVoiceMedia study showed that 66 percent of consumers believe calling will give them the fastest response to their issues. Call center staff need to be fully engaged to administer the high quality of service that customers have come to expect. Fortunately, call center incentive programs give businesses the tools to motivate and energize employees.

When staff members are engaged, they are able to provide outstanding service that help organizations retain existing clients. Recognizing individuals who have gone out of their way to resolve problems for customers shows employees the value of their work and can increase their sense of pride and accomplishment. Incentive programs can also be targeted to improve call centers' ability to meet specific customer expectations. Forty percent of consumers are irritated when they are unable to speak to a representative right way, according to the NewVoiceMedia survey.  By rewarding employees when response times are below a specific measure, companies can ensure that calls are answered quickly.

A quick resolution is an essential part of meeting expectations, but how fast calls need to be answered could depend on the audience. The NewVoiceMedia research found that men were less patient than women. If the demographic is mostly male, then shorter response times are needed to improve customer satisfaction. While men were quicker to get angry about poor service, women were more likely to be vocal online. The study showed that women were nearly twice as likely to post negative reviews or share recommendations.

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