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Social media raises awareness of recognition programs

Technology is allowing larger organizations to become more connected. Employee Benefits states that companies are turning to social media to engage their staff long-term.

When employees feel valued by their supervisors, they become more productive. Studies have shown that engaged workers take fewer sick days, are less likely to leave their companies and are more efficient than the average staff member.

While there are a number of different strategies to motivate individuals, increasing engagement often relies on showing appreciation. Unfortunately, within large organizations, acknowledging employees' contributions often takes a backseat to completing projects or boosting profits. A study by Accountemps found that small firms with between 20 and 49 workers were twice as likely to recognize staff members than companies with more than 1,000 employees. Reward and recognition programs offer organizations the tools they need to actively engage workers at all levels.

The formal reward process ensures that employee efforts don't go unnoticed. By acknowledging workers' contributions, businesses are able to increase engagement levels and generate better results from projects. One reason smaller companies are better at recognizing their staff members is because owners and supervisors interact with everyone on a daily basis. Technology is allowing larger organizations to become more connected as well. Employee Benefits states that companies are turning to social media to engage their staff long-term.

Social media improves effectiveness of recognition programs
Social media channels enable firms to provide public recognition very quickly. Managers can post about the contributions of those in their departments and employees can offer encouragement to each other. These connections help build a sense of pride among staff to boost their levels of engagement.

"It's great to have the ability as an employer to log into a database to find your employees' details and send a personal message of thanks," Colin Hodgson, sales director at Edenred​, told the source. "The message can be posted to an online billboard, where fellow employees can add their own commentary."

Additionally, social media is a useful tool for promoting reward and recognition programs. The channel allows organizations to quickly disseminate information about initiatives to drive participation. This is particularly important for reward programs that rely on metrics to measure performance. Employees need to understand how their work will be measured before they are willing to participate in these initiatives. The more information individuals have access to, the better they are able to understand program objectives. Recognition is an essential tool for motivating and engaging workers, and technology like social media is enabling firms to run these initiatives more effectively.

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