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Technology is simplifying reward program management

Technology is making it easier to run employee reward programs that connect all staff members.

Most companies with employee reward programs still rely on traditional means of recognizing staff. Workers are congratulated by their supervisors and given gift cards or other similar rewards. This works fine to motivate individuals, but The Globe and Mail reports that technology is making it easier to run initiatives that connect all employees.

The source notes that more firms are shifting to social media platforms for their recognition programs. The technology allows every employee to see who is being rewarded and for what. This encourages additional engagement as staff members can easily be offered support and recognition through the sites.

"Technology is making it easier and less costly to recognize employees," the article states. "It's also allowing executives to see whether rewarding workers actually helps to boost the bottom line."

Data management tools make it possible to link any increase in engagement to changes in sales, customer satisfaction, employee turnover and other metrics. By conducting regular analysis of their programs, firms can increase their effectiveness to generate better results. A key factor to the continued success of reward programs is regular feedback from employees.

QSR Web notes that social media platforms are helpful in connecting employees throughout an organization. Social sites provide a quick and easy means for management to collect suggestions for improving their initiatives. 

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