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Focus on engagement in the call center

The number of service channels companies maintain has grown in the last decade, increasing the importance of having an efficient contact center.

The number of service channels that companies maintain has grown in the last decade, increasing the importance of having an efficient contact center.

Customer service representatives now need to monitor multiple channels of communication to keep patrons happy. Social media is threatening to impact how brands manage their reputations online. Poor service at a local store results in an online post that can be seen by thousands of potential customers across the country. Forbes notes that organizations need a strategy for dealing with these types of issues.

For many businesses, the responsibility for handling these complaints falls on employees within contact centers. Teaching workers to monitor and respond to online complaints in an effective manner is a significant challenge for call centers. Fortunately, call center incentive programs provide the tools needed to reinforce service values and engage employees.

Boost engagement with incentive programs
When it comes to social media, speed is essential. Most customers expect a response to online inquiries within an hour. Incentive programs can encourage call center staff to reply to questions and other service problems immediately. These initiatives can also provide guidance on how to respond. Forbes states that customers are looking for open and honest communication from organizations. Acknowledging problems and showing a commitment to solving them can help strengthen a brand's reputation.

Call center incentives let organizations go beyond offering guidance on how to best handle online complaints to build a customer-first culture. In his blog, Michael Maoz, vice president of distinguished analysts for Gartner, states that companies are moving toward the creation of engagement centers to replace traditional service centers. Maoz notes that consumers are expecting more from businesses than a discount. To satisfy most customers, companies need to provide an experience.

Recognizing employees who develop memorable and energizing relationships with customers could help businesses become more engaged with their audience. This process opens communication between companies and consumers to improve services, sales, product design and more. When audiences are engaged, they become a loyal following that attracts more customers and drives growth for organizations.

Engaging customers depends on having a fully-engaged staff. Recognition programs help show appreciation for employees' hard work and commitment, which highlights their value to organizations. When staff members feel valued and understand how their performance influences their companies' success, they try harder to provide customers with the experience they want.

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