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Social media tools enhance employee reward programs

Social media technology can be used to administer employee reward programs and engage workers more effectively.

Social media enables firms to interact directly with a large number of customers. The online tools have helped companies create engaging marketing campaigns while providing patrons with a way to provide valuable feedback.

The same technology can be used to administer employee reward programs and engage workers more effectively. Companies can establish online networks of various staff to help them coordinate their efforts. Social media programs have been used by organizations to facilitate the exchange of information, tips, and encouragement for staff members. Comprehensive social media networks also make it easy to offer public recognition as part of reward programs.

IMedia Connection reports that rewarding employees across social media connections lets everyone in a department see announcements of achievement and offer encouragement on their own schedules. This can be more effective than a quick statement after lunch when half the staff may be missing, as it provides written confirmation of the support an individual has from co-workers. Having words of encouragement from co-workers and supervisors available for review at any time has a longer-lasting effect than a few quick words.

Get employees to recognize each other to build a supportive culture
The source also notes that the use of social media places the success of employee incentive programs in the hands of rank-and-file employees. For instance, letting staff members vote on who receives rewards ensures that everyone has an equal shot at receiving recognition. The source states that when rewards are handed down by supervisors, there is a tendency to recognize those in highly visible roles. By having employees recommend and vote on the recipients, companies can be sure the rewards go to individuals who are making the biggest difference in a department's success.

The success of these programs depends on having a lot of support from throughout an organization. Having workers recognize the performance of others only works if a large percentage of employees are participating. This requires managers to keep their teams informed of any changes within the program while encouraging their participation. Building the recognition process into the corporate culture will magnify the results, as people throughout the company will be encouraged to look for good deeds and recognize those who have assisted in bringing these to fruition.

Once employees understand the benefits of a reward program, they will be motivated to help others, contributing to a cooperative and supportive environment that will fully engage staff members at all levels.

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