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Employee training gets boost from reward programs

Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools available to help companies develop new employees.

To help their companies succeed, employees need to develop new skills and refine existing talents. Unfortunately, many organizations don't have formal training programs in place. Fortune Magazine cites an Accenture survey that found only 48 percent of recent college graduates received training on their first job, despite often lacking job-specific skills.

"There's a disconnect between employers' expectations of grads entering with relevant skills and the reality," Katherine LaVelle, a managing director in Accenture's talent and organization practice, told the source.

LaVelle notes that training programs are often trimmed in efforts to control operating costs, but industry experts say that the initiatives can provide a lot of benefits for organizations, which makes them worth the expense. Training The Street founder Scott Rostan states that training helps employees become more efficient and confident in their work. This allows new staff members to make an impact sooner and boosts their productivity.

The National Retail Federation reports that more organizations are developing training initiatives to improve customer service skills. As customer retention becomes more about providing an experience, the depth of knowledge that front-line workers need to have is increasing. Reward and recognition programs can be used to support the development of new skills. Offering additional rewards for employees who have participated in training programs encourages participation, while incentives are helpful in reinforcing specific behavior.

Companies looking to improve the customer service skills of staff members can start by recognizing those who have taken the right approach. This offers a clear example that others can follow and establishes expectations. If more formalized courses are used, the recognition of top performers may inspire others to increase their efforts or seek additional training to refine their skills.

Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools available to help companies train new employees. They help reinforce the importance of the lessons taught during training programs and encourage the development of new skills. By combining reward programs with effective training initiatives, companies can greatly improve the performance of their staff members.

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