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Increasing employee satisfaction with reward programs

Employee rewards and recognition programs give companies the tools to engage workers and lift satisfaction ratings.

Dissatisfied employees create disruptions in the workplace. When staff members are unhappy with their jobs, their production slips and their enthusiasm to undertake new challenges wanes. This makes it difficult for organizations to move forward with initiatives and react to changing market behavior.

Fortunately, employee rewards and recognition programs give companies the tools they need to engage workers and lift satisfaction ratings. HR Voice suggests that managers acknowledge employees on a daily basis to offer encouragement and show support. Formal reward programs let organizations recognize top achievers in various departments to boost morale and encourage more cooperative behavior.

Recognition programs should be made public so that employees can see their contributions to their companies' success. This is another key way that managers can engage workers, particularly those with repetitive tasks. The business blog Oogwave, states that monotonous routines gradually diminish motivation, which can lead to a drop in productivity and satisfaction. Reward programs give organizations a way to break up the repetitive nature of jobs. Monthly or weekly contests can be used to make the work more enjoyable and push employees to accomplish specific objectives.

The contests should be carefully tailored around the type of work that participants are assigned. Individual contests work well for employees who operate mostly on their own, such as those in sales, while team-based competitions may be more effective when cooperation is needed to achieve company goals. By customizing the rewards programs, companies will be able to build unique and engaging work environments that lift employee satisfaction and performance. 

Regardless of what type of reward and recognition program an organization uses, HR Voice notes that it is important to measure results. Monitoring participation and performance during the initiatives may give companies some insights into employee engagement, but surveys should also be used to collect feedback. These surveys could provide information about how to improve reward programs to increase worker satisfaction even further.

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