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Warehouse operations impact customer loyalty

The timely delivery of packages following an order will dramatically impact customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

As e-commerce grows, more departments are having a direct influence on customer satisfaction. In the past, warehouse managers only had to worry about getting enough merchandise to stores in time for sales. Now, orders need to be sent directly to the client. Being able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately is essential to retaining site visitors and building brand loyalty. This is forcing companies to alter the way their warehouses operate.

Employee reward programs can assist organizations in implementing necessary changes. These initiatives can be created to engage workers and motivate them to achieve specific goals, such as lowering the time to fill for each order.

Consumers are seeking additional convenience and savings when they go online to purchase items. Having the ability to offer same-day deliveries could greatly improve customer loyalty and drive repeat sales. Reward metrics can be set up to encourage workers to pull the required items and get the package out in a more efficient manner.

Practical Ecommerce states that monitoring performance is essential to keeping warehouses running effectively. The source notes that few organizations track error rates, turnaround time or cost of shipping, focusing instead on order value or the number of items in each package. These dynamics could actually increase staff members' mistakes by not placing an emphasis on getting things right. Rewarding employees for keeping mistakes to a minimum helps them stay engaged and focused on maintaining quality.

E-commerce is expected to continue to grow as orders from mobile devices become more common. The IBM Online Retail Index found that sales from smartphones and tablets increased 15 percent during the first three months of 2013. To keep pace with this demand, businesses need well-trained and motivated workers in their warehouses.The timely delivery of packages following an order will dramatically impact customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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