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Getting the most out of your employees

Employee reward and recognition programs can help organizations engage their staff members, thereby improving performance and generating results.

Business executives know that maintaining a successful venture depends on having employees who are committed to delivering results. Because of this reality, effective leaders are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their team members and deliver better results.

In many cases, improving performance is related to helping workers become more dedicated to their roles. Employee reward and recognition programs can help organizations engage their staff members, thereby improving performance and generating results. These initiatives let management highlight the contributions of various team members, which is a key factor in keeping workers motivated long-term.

In a column for the Jamestown Post-Journal, Elizabeth Cipolla of The Change Agent-See Management Development Company states that employees need to feel they are contributing to the success of an organization. When workers feel their efforts are going unnoticed, they stop trying, which greatly impacts the performance of the company. Cipolla suggests that managers and other leaders develop relationships with employees to help generate enthusiasm and pride in their performance. Recognizing top performers or taking a few minutes to write a letter thanking individuals for their contribution to a project could invigorate employees to try harder.

"As a leader, you can inspire your employees to become passionate about their work and exhibit a strong sense of personal and professional pride in the services they provide," she wrote.

Create a common vision
Saying thank you with a simple reward can go a long way for any company. Reward programs create a way for managers to quickly provide feedback for positive actions, boosting the effectiveness of their leadership. Recognition should be given quickly and publicly so everyone understands the influence that specific actions have on the success of a company.

The Washington Post reports that the creation of a clear vision is essential to guiding organizations past obstacles. Public recognition makes sure that everyone in a department knows and understands how their efforts contribute to the success of their companies. By boosting the commitment of each worker, leaders can increase productivity. However, generating a clear path is not as simple as recognizing top performers and waiting for results.

All employees need to feel empowered to make decisions that could benefit their companies. This includes sharing information with other departments, offering feedback or opinions and engaging customers in a more meaningful and personal way. The source notes that making time to listen to workers can help management craft meaningful reward programs that will improve job satisfaction and performance.

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