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Using employee rewards to improve online customer service

Employee reward programs help businesses implement new marketing and customer service strategies.

New market realities are forcing businesses to change how they attract and interact with their customers. The growth of ecommerce has provided a large number of opportunities to educate, support and interact with patrons, making it essential that organizations have solid customer relationship management strategies that support their online marketing efforts.

The New York Times recently reported on a small pool installation company that turned its business around by altering its web marketing approach. By addressing questions and providing useful information to customers, the firm was able to generate new site traffic that led to additional sales. Businesses in other industries can use this same strategy to improve customer experience. However, for the strategy to be successful, all employees must be committed to meeting consumer expectations.

Employee reward programs help businesses implement new marketing and customer service strategies. Using incentives can boost participation in online discussions or encourage employees to write blogs. As iMedia Connection notes, online interaction generates additional information that can be used to fine-tune marketing efforts and social media campaigns. The more relevant and personalized businesses are able to make their promotions, the better return on investment they will generate.

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