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Social media helping to transform employee recognition programs

Social media tools are proving to be effective at helping companies create compelling employee reward recognition programs.

Social media has become a valuable marketing channel for businesses, allowing them to remain engaged with consumers across the globe, while promoting new products, collecting feedback and generating interest among the target audience.

These same social tools are proving to be effective at helping companies create compelling employee reward recognition programs. By using social media, companies are able to open dialog, share accomplishments and generate excitement among staff members. The Guardian reports that social media platforms have the added benefit of connecting employees and customers. Companies can use the channel to promote worthy causes that bring both parties together and kick-start conversations. The source notes that Twitter is providing the means for various groups to tell their stories and find common ground with their audience, which enhances the experiences of everyone involved.

Because social media provides a number of advantages in terms of facilitating employee incentive programs, it is important that company leaders understand its importance to the success of the initiatives. ZDNet reported that the CIO is essential to engaging employees. As the director of the IT department, this individual has the capability to help firms employ technology to boost participation in reward programs and improve employee experiences.

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