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Give employees the tools best suited for their roles

Non-financial rewards are a simple way to ensure that staff members remember the recognition they received.

Mobile devices are commonly seen as a consumer tool, but they are also helping employees balance their work and family lives more effectively. The Globe and Mail reports that bring-your-own-device policies have become increasingly popular in a number of industries because they boost productivity and flexibility.

To capitalize on these trends, businesses may consider offering smartphones or tablets as rewards in sales incentive programs. Tablets have been shown to be well suited for use in departments that need to make a lot of presentations, such as sales and marketing. A study by Forrester found that the devices outperformed laptops in a number of business-related tasks. Of the 26 apps that were surveyed, 17 functioned better on tablets.

Tablets were best suited for the "hands-off" business functions like making a sales pitch, while laptops made creating text files and spreadsheets easier. By giving workers the tools that will help them succeed in their given fields, businesses can increase productivity, while also seeing improved employee satisfaction.

Non-financial rewards are a simple way to ensure that staff members remember the recognition they received. Every time salespeople use the tablets and smartphones they earned in sales incentive programs, they will be reminded that their companies value their performance.

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