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Collect employee feedback to make reward programs more personal

Having a choice of merchandise allows employees to know they will receive something that is important to them.

A well-planned employee reward program allows companies to engage and motivate workers to boost productivity.

Writing for Smart Business, Sherri Elliott-Yeary stated that the best recognition is "immediate, specific and personal." Of these factors, it is the personal aspect that often troubles companies. It can be difficult to come up with rewards and incentives that are relevant to the needs of each individual. Fortunately, there are solutions to finding out exactly what would motivate staff members to perform better.

Small Business Trends recommends that organizations take the time to collect feedback from their workers. Asking what benefits employees would like to receive as a reward allows businesses to adjust their programs to make them more effective. The communication shouldn't be restricted to what type of rewards workers could earn, but should also include how to better facilitate the programs and how companies can better achieve long-term objectives.

Some companies may find that they can motivate more workers by providing a selection of rewards to choose from. Having a choice of merchandise allows employees to know they will receive something that is important to them. In some cases, participants may want to select a particular item as a gift for a friend or family member. Providing employees with a range of options lets them use their hard-earned rewards in a way that makes the most sense for them.

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