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Celebrate victories with reward programs

Taking some time to celebrate key wins can motivate and inspire workers to achieve more success.

In business, each and every win is important. Each successful transaction brings in revenue and every marketing campaign is a chance to win customer loyalty. Unfortunately, companies often don't take the time to celebrate these accomplishments.

Dedicating time to celebrate key wins can motivate and inspire workers to achieve more success. Smart Startup states that acknowledging victories shows the importance of setting goals and provides an opportunity to access the big picture. Full of energy and enthusiasm from past successes, workers are motivated to take on additional challenges, pushing their companies forward.

Employee reward recognition programs can help organizations praise their progress. When a major goal is accomplished, it is important that key contributors are acknowledged. This shows the value of commitments and keeps everyone motivated to take on the next challenges.

"There's always another challenge to overcome, if you don't celebrate success, it soon feels like you're always jumping out of the frying pan into the fire," Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio, wrote for Forbes.

Celebrating small victories is often just as vital as commending the results of a major product launch. These smaller successes could also be personal accomplishments, and supervisors need to acknowledge the progress of workers who have achieved development goals or gained certification. As employees learn more skills,  this increases the productivity of an organization, but without praise for reaching developmental goals, workers have little incentive to continue learning.

Celebrating small personal successes makes everyone feel appreciated. Forbes notes that using peer recognition is a simple and easy way to build on each win. Teams are motivated to improve cooperation and communication to earn the respect and praise of their co-workers. In addition to providing motivation, peer recognition also reinforces that employees are working on something bigger than themselves, which helps unify everyone to strive toward common goals.

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