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Timely communication can boost results of reward programs

Providing updates could spur employees into action by prompting them to increase their efforts at work or pushing them to join the next training program.

Employee reward programs can be an effective tool for encouraging participation in various corporate initiatives. Training programs, on-boarding procedures, wellness programs or even skill development initiatives can be bolstered by creating a reward system for employees.

For ongoing initiatives, many firms use point systems to reduce the overall cost while still motivating workers. As staff members accomplish goals, attend training or pass certification tests, they earn points that they can put toward larger rewards. This keeps everyone engaged in the initiatives by creating personalized rewards, and reduces the number of items that need to be purchased. However, new research into consumer behavior shows the importance of maintaining communication about reward programs within a company.

A survey by ThePointsGuy.com found that 73 percent of consumers don't know how many reward points they have when participating in loyalty programs. If they are not actively using their points, most individuals forget about them, causing them to go unused. Regular emails or text messages could keep these customers informed of their standing and prompt additional purchases.

The same principle applies to employee incentive programs. Workers may become busy with their daily assignments and not realize that they are very close to receiving the personalized items they have been wanting. Providing updates could spur employees into action by prompting them to increase their efforts at work or pushing them to join the next training program.

By keeping lines of communication open, businesses could boost the return on investment for their reward programs. A little additional motivation could engender a breakthrough or help departments meet quarterly goals, so it pays to be proactive in the management of the initiatives. Keeping workers engaged is a challenge for most organizations. Fortunately, incentive program specialists like Xceleration can provide insight and advice that improve the success of reward programs.

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