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Employee engagement drives customer satisfaction

Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools when it comes to boosting employee engagement.

Engaged workers deliver a quality experience for customers. They are willing to provide additional support when needed and are often influential in generating repeat purchases. With these advantages, it is not surprising that many organizations are trying to engage more workers, and a recent survey shows that a lot of firms are succeeding in these efforts.

A study by Quantum Workplace found that employee engagement in top firms increased from 67.1 percent to 67.7 percent between 2011 and 2012. Despite the improvements, engagement levels still remain lower than the pre-recession highs of 2008. With the economy struggling to sustain steady growth in most industries, more companies are focusing internally to improve performance and maintain efficiency. The study found that organizations reporting higher profits had the highest levels of engaged employees.

Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools when it comes to boosting employee engagement. Lasting change within an organization needs to be supported with incentive programs that encourage specific behavior. Taking the time to recognize staff members who have exceeded expectations provides examples for others to follow. When hard work is acknowledged, this shows the value that workers' efforts bring to the organization and helps inspire employees to work a little harder.

Improving employee engagement
Inspiration is an important aspect of engaging personnel, according to HR.BLR. Employees need to feel a connection with each other and the overall vision of a company to be properly engaged in their work. Reward programs provide firms with the means to share common values and promote long-term goals for the company. When employees see how their work relates to these goals, it improves their understanding of their roles.

The more companies are able to communicate shared values and recognize workers who express these ideas in their work, the more engaged staff members will be. Showing appreciation and rewarding top performers ensures that every worker is motivated to excel within his or her role. 

Engaged workers play an essential part in maintaining strong relationships with clients. The more positive a customer's experience, the more likely he or she will return to purchase additional products. A study by Temkin Group found that engaged employees were twice as likely to do something good for their organization as the average worker. This was most commonly expressed in the desire to recommend a friend or family member to work for a company, giving businesses with high levels of engagement access to talented, hardworking individuals.

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