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Motivating employees who work from home

Technology can be used to implement employee reward and recognition programs that help connect remote offices.

Remote offices have become popular options for workers and companies as technology makes it easier to work from home. Businesses often struggle with whether to offer telecommuting to their employees as working remotely can make coordination more challenging. Yahoo recently made news when it ended its telecommuting programs, but in general this has been the exception as more firms look to adopt the strategy to increase employee engagement.

​As PCWorld reports,  the technology exists to create virtual offices that can be used to improve communication with employees working from home. This same technology can implement employee reward and recognition programs that help connect remote offices. Video chat, social media forums and mobile messaging are allowing managers to remain connected with remote workers. These programs could let companies share information about rewards programs and acknowledge the success of various team members.

Businesses can also use reward programs to monitor staff members' productivity. Working from home is best suited for fairly repetitive work that requires little supervision or coordination – for example, software coding, writing and data entry. Using performance-based measures lets companies monitor worker productivity to ensure all deadlines are met.

A blog for the Harvard Business Review notes that incentive programs can help boost productivity. Making sure that employees meet specific daily or weekly goals ensures that all work is being done in a timely manner. Workers who fall behind could be brought in for additional training or closer supervision, while those who continue to meet their performance measures can be rewarded for their hard work.

Reward programs allow companies to share success with all team members regardless of where they work. The ability to acknowledge top performers publicly is critical to encouraging their ongoing success, and online forums provide the means to reach employees throughout a company, whether or not they are physically located in the office.

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