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Solving service problems in the call center

Call center incentive programs can help businesses teach employees how to successfully handle upset callers.

Upset customers who experience poor call center service can create customer service horror stories that are posted over the internet, creating a major problem for companies. To avoid these situations, it is important to put in place better customer relationship management strategies for call centers.

Business 2 Community offers some tips for improving the quality of service within contact centers. These include advice about letting customers vent and taking notes on the situation. Listening to each complaint could provide insight that may resolve the problem, which is vital to preventing future calls about the same situation. Call center incentive programs can help businesses teach employees how to successfully handle upset callers.

It is important for call center agents to realize that even situations which cause dissatisfaction among customers can be rectified, which could actually end up boosting customer loyalty. Employees who are able to offer solutions to customers' problems could defuse anger quickly, allowing them to then move sales forward. Recognizing customer service agents  who do a good job handling angry callers can provide a learning opportunity for all call center employees.

Empowering employees to find solutions
Showcasing specific examples allows companies to highlight values that will keep future customer experiences more positive. Among the issues that businesses should consider addressing is the need for personalized service, according to the Huffington Post. Social media tools and data analysis are allowing companies to compile more information on each customer. Having this data available for front-line employees allows them to provide personalized care that will boost customer retention.

Relevant discounts and promotions are traditionally used to help generate additional sales, but they can also be used to calm upset callers. Finding a solution to a problem is never easy, but customers' anger may subside if call center employees are empowered to offer personalized discounts. Recognizing when employees have made the right choices in these situations helps  companies guide results without creating the need for a lot of additional oversight. Linking incentive programs to performance could also help organizations avoid more upset callers to begin with.

New Factor notes that blocked calls, long waits or confusing call menus increase the chance of customers being angry by the time they reach company representatives. Implementing call center incentive programs to lower the rate of abandoned calls will help firms improve customer satisfaction. Reward programs can be used effectively to increase the performance and productivity of call centers. By tracking metrics like dropped calls, businesses can devise strategies for improving the overall performance of their call centers.

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