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Shaping corporate culture with reward programs

Employee reward recognition programs allow firms to give reliable feedback about expectations.

Engaged employees can make a significant difference in the experience of customers. Better service can result in higher sales totals, more repeat purchases and increased brand loyalty. However, many firms struggle to generate a strong corporate culture that engages workers and allows organizations to consistently meet client expectations.

In an interview with Forbes, Gary Bhojwani, chairman of Allianz, stated there were three factors that companies need to create a strong culture – having the right people, building the right environment and promoting an understanding of company values. Once these three aspects are in place, businesses will have cultures that allow employees to consistently provide quality service in every aspect of the customer experience.

However, conveying a corporate vision and creating common goals is not an easy task for most managers. Fortunately, employee reward recognition programs allow firms to give reliable feedback about expectations. These initiatives can be used in multiple ways to influence corporate culture by helping to establish the right environment and improving employee understanding.

Creating the right environment
Reward programs help businesses shape the environment in which their employees work. The goals and programs selected by management will influence the behavior of workers and can lead to significant changes within corporate culture. For example, more organizations are using incentives as part of wellness programs. These efforts have helped many companies create wellness-focused environments that have improved the health and performance of staff members. The same principles can be channeled to build cultures focused on exceeding customer expectations. By recognizing contributions and encouraging staff members to be supportive, firms can create the right environment for their workers to succeed.

Improving workers' understanding of company values is also possible with employee recognition programs. Acknowledging specific behavior provides examples for workers to follow. These initiatives also help businesses clearly define their corporate vision. Bob DiMuccio, CEO of Amica Insurance, told Forbes that his company relies on guiding principles to get workers to make the right decision. Recognizing staff members who have followed these principles engages employees and encourages them to look for ways to apply these guidelines in the future. 

By regularly recognizing the effort that employees give, companies show their appreciation for hard work and results. Engaged employees know their work is valued and understand how it determines the success of the company. With reward and recognition programs, businesses have the means to provide this important feedback to all staff members.

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