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Call center experiences drives customer satisfaction

Businesses that are looking to improve client retention and boost repeat sales need to analyze their contact centers to ensure that best practices are being followed.

A customer's experience after a sale is completed can have a large influence on his or her satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses that are looking to improve client retention and boost repeat sales need to analyze their contact centers to ensure that best practices are being followed.

The Vancouver Sun reports that billing and contract issues have created a backlash against wireless providers within Canada. The situation is compounded when customers are unable to reach a call center agent or meet with rude service when they do speak with an employee. Sixty percent of the people experiencing billing issues complained that they received poor service when trying to resolve the problem.

This situation can lead to high customer turnover, which costs firms millions in marketing as they try to recapture the lost sales. Call center incentive programs can help businesses build a culture focused on delivering strong service within their contact centers. Consumer Search reports that experiences with call centers can have a large influence on brand loyalty. By making the effort to improve customer experiences, businesses may be able to create strong advocates for their brands who will recruit friends and family to boost sales.

Improving customer satisfaction
Reward programs should be designed to improve two main situations that lead to customer frustration, according to the source. The first is wait times and call transfers. The source notes that difficulty reaching the right person or having to repeat their problem to several people leaves clients angry. This situation makes it seem as if the company does not have enough staff trained to handle problems, decreasing confidence and trust.

Measuring wait times and tracking the path of communication allows businesses to identify areas where improvements can be made. Team goals for lowering call volume, reducing wait times and decreasing the number of transfers to other employees will enable organizations to improve efficiency while motivating staff members. Celebrating when these goals are accomplished allows businesses to reward each team member, which can help improve office morale.

Incentive programs should also recognize agents who provide ideal service, as poor service is the second situation that could lead to bad experiences, according to Consumer Search. Highlighting times when situations were resolved and the customer was satisfied with friendly service sends a clear example of what is expected from call center agents. Acknowledging workers' successes shows employees that they are valued by a company, helping them feel appreciated and important. This sense of pride can improve engagement levels, leading to better service.

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