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Call center incentives encourage adoption of new technology

Employees who are rewarded based on performance are more likely to be engaged in their work, increasing productivity and efficiency.

With their busy schedules, customers increasingly prefer to turn to technology and mobile channels to interact with businesses. A recent survey by Capgemini and Efma found that mobile is the channel of choice for insurance customers. 

Clients want access to information at any time and mobile apps provide them with account information as well as the ability to file claims and make payments. Twenty percent of consumers stated they considered mobile policy information when selecting an insurance plan, according to the survey. However, the channel often cannot replace the value gained from interactions with call center staff.

Property Casualty 360 points out that mobile apps should be used to complement customer experience, rather than replacing traditional interactions. Insurance customers often want to speak with live representatives to ask questions, clarify issues and resolve problems, making it essential that mobile apps are supported by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Call center incentive programs can help companies improve both customer service and mobile channels. Employees who are rewarded based on performance are more likely to be engaged in their work, increasing productivity and efficiency. Incentive programs can also promote specific company values to encourage the development of friendly service that can improve customer loyalty.

Improving services with feedback
Mobile apps and other technology bring new opportunities for companies to enhance the customer experience. The interactions provide a lot of personal data that can be used to guide marketing decisions or the development of new services. The Financial Times notes that smartphones are set to take the role of shopping advisors, allowing users to research products, check reviews and compare prices. These searches provide personal information needed send relevant offers to customers who sign up.

Collecting feedback enables companies to refine their promotions even further. Incentive programs can encourage contact center agents to provide input about comments or suggestions from clients. Mobile technology is changing businesses, and organizations need to be prepared to adjust with it. Being able to spot trends and react quickly will be key to long-term success.

Employee reward programs are a helpful tool when encouraging workers to adopt new practices. Recognizing employees who have achieved specific goals may motivate others to stick with new procedures until they accomplish similar objectives. This strategy allows entire call centers to adjust to new channels and technology quickly, providing a seamless transition between traditional services and new mobile platforms.

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