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Eliminate stress in the office with reward programs

Just about everything in the office can create stress, including deadlines, dealing with co-workers and the layout of workspaces.

Just about everything in the office can create stress, including deadlines, dealing with co-workers and the layout of workspaces.

NBC News reports that open-plan offices can result in higher blood pressure and stress among employees. The source cites a 2008 study by the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Management that noted open floor plans created conflict among workers and contributed to higher levels of turnover.

Employee reward programs may help companies manage stress within their organizations. Offering extra time off, more flexible work schedules and other stress-busting rewards can not only improve the health of employees, but boost their productivity as well.

The ability to balance work and family life is especially beneficial for female workers. A recent study by the American Psychological Association found that on average, women experienced more stress at work than their male counterparts. This was attributed to their desire to maintain a work-life balance and their lower pay levels, which made them feel undervalued.

Reward and recognition programs can boost engagement levels among all workers. Businesses that take the time to recognize the contributions of staff members will be rewarded with less turnover and greater productivity. Making workers feel valued can help combat stress in the average workplace, keeping employees healthy and motivated.

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