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Use company culture to boost customer satisfaction

Businesses that were able to score highest on the ACSI were able to successfully build a corporate culture that strived for strong service.

Companies are getting better at providing worthwhile experiences to their customers. The recently released American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) found that most businesses were making progress when it came to improving customer satisfaction. The average ranking for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers was 0.7 percent higher than last year, while ecommerce firms scored even higher, gaining 1.2 percent.

Businesses that were able to score highest on the ACSI successfully built a corporate culture that strived to provide strong service. Forbes reports that the corporate environment can have a strong influence on the overall experience of a customer. Even organizations not traditionally associated with focusing on customer satisfaction can see gains in sales, customer retention and brand recognition if an effort is made to create a customer-centric culture.

Employee incentive programs are valuable tools when encouraging employees to engage patrons. The initiatives can be used to highlight specific examples of outstanding service. This can motivate workers and provide the feedback needed to keep everyone on the same path. Incentive programs allow companies to engage their workers more effectively, which will extend to delivering stronger service to the target audience.

Engaging workers to boost customer satisfaction
When employees are happy and feel pride in their work, the emotions translate into better experiences with customers. An editorial in the Crookston Times states companies that rank highest in employee satisfaction also tend to rank highly in customer loyalty. This commitment to clients must extend through an entire organization to create an environment that drives customer satisfaction. The source noted that the best restaurants have owners who speak with diners about their service and the quality of food. This approach forces owners to take action to correct problems and hold staff accountable for bad experiences.

The ACSI showed that customers who bought products online were more likely to be satisfied with their experiences. With the fast growth of ecommerce, many businesses have focused their efforts on building a quality online experience by providing recommendations, discounts and fast or affordable shipping. The attention has not gone unnoticed by customers who rated their online experiences almost five points higher than traditional in-store purchases. Companies can encourage their staff to provide better service in their brick-and-mortar outlets with reward and recognition programs. These initiatives help to engage workers and build a strong customer-first culture.

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