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Building a strong social media presence with reward programs

Employee reward and recognition programs are essential to improving customer engagement online.

Social media is becoming a central part of marketing and customer services strategies. However, many businesses continue to mismanage opportunities to retain customers and build brand loyalty.

The Guardian estimates that up to 80 percent of interactions on social media sites are poorly managed. Customers are given standardized responses or simply ignored for too long. Addressing these issues can help any organization improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

The source notes that employee reward and recognition programs are essential to improving customer engagement online. One major issue among social media strategies is the lack of responses by organizations. Social News Daily reports that roughly half of all social media inquiries go unanswered, representing a lot of missed opportunities to complete sales. Consumers want replies to their posts immediately and keeping them waiting or not responding at all dramatically decreases their social media experience. By encouraging all employees to respond within an hour of a post, companies can improve the quality of online interactions.

Entrepreneur notes that all staff members should be encouraged to aim to resolve issues via social media, without switching to another channel such as phone or email. Recognizing employees who quickly and smoothly take care of customer service issues via social networking sites sends a clear message about the value of social media to the company. Building these values into company culture allows businesses to handle larger volumes and ensures a strong social media presence.

The source also states that businesses often fail to get personal with social media. Efforts to control their brands lead to standardized responses, but customers respond better to personalized communication. Rewarding employees who build strong connections with potential leads and help retain clients can encourage more workers to make communications personalized. By recognizing the contributions of staff members, companies can keep employees engaged and help build strong online brands.

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