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Using employee incentive programs to create a safe work environment

Organizations that are struggling to reduce incidents and keep employees safe could benefit from using employee incentive programs.

A safe work environment provides a lot of benefits to companies. Workers are happier and more productive, insurance costs are kept low, and customer satisfaction is even improved when there is a culture of safety. Organizations that are struggling to reduce incidents and keep employees safe could benefit from using employee incentive programs.

Business Insurance reports that behavior-based programs can help improve safety within an organization. The source notes that employees often cut corners or use unsafe practices because of the immediate time they can gain by doing so. Accidents are rare, meaning that there are often few consequences for not following proper procedures. However, rewarding employees for following safety measures can keep risk to a minimum by overriding the benefits of cutting corners.

With employee incentive programs, workers are encouraged to practice proper procedures within the workplace. Instead of benefiting from getting a job done faster, they gain by having their supervisor recognize their contributions to creating a safer work environment. These steps can dramatically reduce insurance costs for a company, according to the source. For every $1 spent on behavior-based safety programs, companies will see a decline of $3 to $6 on worker compensation claims.

Customers see benefit of safe workplaces
Lower insurance costs are not the only benefit for building a safer work environment. A study by the National Safety Council shows that customer satisfaction is improved. In a safety study of utility companies in the Midwest, clients that were served by teams with lower workplace injury rates were more satisfied with the service they received. Experts believe that the safer work environment made the employees happier and more engaged, which influenced their interactions with customers.

"There are positive business outcomes to be gained in the form of improved customer satisfaction. The explanatory logic, although not proven conclusively here, is that a better safety environment produces spillover effects into the service environment," the study stated.

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