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Create your own March Madness tournament to engage employees

Many businesses take the opportunity to create employee reward programs around March Madness.

March is a good time to be a sports fan, with the NCAA basketball tournament getting a lot of attention during this time of year. While some bosses believe that workers' desire to root for their favorite colleges distracts them, 20 percent of executives feel that incorporating the tournament into office activities can boost employee morale.

A survey by OfficeTeam found that just 4 percent of executives say March Madness is a distraction for their office. Many businesses take the opportunity to create employee reward programs around the event. Tying reward programs to seasonal events is a good way to keep them fresh and exciting. Businesses can create their own tournament style competitions as a way to kick off the quarter. Having teams of employees face off in short initiatives, with the winners advancing to the next round, can energize offices and build camaraderie within the office.

Other themes can be used throughout the year and can be linked to specific initiatives the company wants to improve. While March may be ideal for team based competition, summer reward programs may try to boost customer satisfaction or repeat sales. Using short-term goals to reinforce company values helps create a stronger work environment.

When creating themed competitions, companies should carefully consider the rewards that will be handed out during the event. While having a large reward for the winner helps encourage participation and keeps morale high throughout the contest, other rewards should also be added to keep everyone involved. Recognizing the most valuable players within a department can keep everyone trying hard to deliver results. Businesses that create their own March Madness reward program could provide personalized trophies or plaques that serve as a reminder for the rest of the year and keep with the initiative's theme.

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