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Cruise ships using incentive programs to overcome negative news

Better company performance can be gained by giving employees a clear target.

The prolonged saga of Carnival cruise ship Triumph and the resulting news coverage is deterring travelers from taking cruises. Vacationers appear to be concerned about the risk of a bad experience which is resulting in lower sales.

Cruise ship companies are looking to combat the negative press by boosting their sales incentive programs. Travel Mole, an online news source for travel agents, reports that two cruise lines are offering additional perks for agents able to increase sales of cruise vacations.

Businesses facing challenges in a particular field often look to increase employee performance in that area with reward and recognition programs. This strategy serves as a catalyst  to refocus efforts throughout the company to generate the desired results. If travel agents are able to deliver more customers, the cruise ships operators need to ensure they provide a worthwhile vacation. Addressing failures in service, cleanliness, entertainment and more helps firms to increase revenue and provide a stronger product.

An article by Forbes notes that better company performance can be gained by giving employees a clear target. When staff members now what they have to overcome they often increase their performance to meet the challenge. More intense efforts from throughout the organization enhance customer experiences and can boost loyalty, driving company growth.

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