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Fostering innovation in the workplace

Companies need to continue moving forward or they will fail. Businesses that don't create new products, services fall behind competitors that are reshaping the industry.

Companies need to continue moving forward or they will fail. Businesses that don't create new products or services fall behind competitors that are reshaping the industry. Internally, innovation can cut costs and boost productivity, which is why more organizations believe that creativity is vital to their plans in the near future.

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 39 percent of corporations consider innovation a central part of their growth strategies over the next year. These firms are striving to create products and services that have never been seen in the marketplace. Success could grant them control of emerging markets and new loyal customers. However, creating an environment in which innovation thrives presents unique challenges for businesses.

Fortunately, employee reward and recognition programs can keep employees generating new ideas and providing critical insights into the market. Recognizing the contribution of individual workers in the creation of new products can encourage more staff members to submit their own ideas for consideration. This can lead to an atmosphere where ideas flow freely creating an endless source of innovation.

"Private-company executives recognize that achieving their business goals requires putting innovation at the heart of their efforts," Ken Esch, a partner with PwC's Private Company Services practice said in a statement. "We especially see this with private companies that sell abroad. Developing products and services for a highly diverse customer base across geographies – and then finding innovative ways to reach those customers – is critical to success in foreign markets."

Building a creative environment
The reward initiatives should be used to highlight the importance of creativity in every field. Limiting participation in these programs to those working on developing new products or services could also limit the benefits. Companies need innovative ways to increase productivity and cut costs, and rewarding staff members for efforts to improve these areas could generate significant advantages for firms. The employee incentive programs even assist with the implementation of new procedures by rewarding those who successfully practice new initiatives and show improvement.

By taking a holistic approach to fostering innovation, firms can continually improve their operations. The right office environment will encourage employees to develop new ideas and take risks regarding new workflow practices. Encouraging staff members to share information and collaborate is an essential part of the creative process. Employee reward programs are valuable tools that help businesses create the right culture to nurture unique ideas.

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