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Make customer service a top priority with reward and recognition programs

Reward programs are a straightforward way to motivate workers, keeping employees interested in creating the best possible experience for clients.

Almost every business leader considers customer service to be a vital part of their continued success. A new survey by Oracle found that 93 percent of senior-level executives will make providing a good customer experience a top priority over the next two year. However, very few businesses (20 percent) consider their efforts to sufficient to drive growth.

The study found that customer service can significantly influence a company’s revenue. On average, respondents estimated that 20 percent of revenue is lost by not providing positive, consistent and brand-relevant customer experiences. Fortunately, businesses can use employee reward recognition programs to increase the performance of their staff members.

Using reward programs to boost results
Creating initiatives to improve customer satisfaction is a challenging endeavor regardless of the industry. Customer service agents repeatedly deal with difficult and upset customers, which can drain them of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. Reward programs are a straightforward way to motivate a team, keeping employees interested in creating the best possible experience for clients. 

Recognizing outstanding performance sends a clear message to all staff members about the value of each customer. This makes it possible to build a strong culture that supports and empowers workers to offer friendly, professional service on a consistent basis. Without these initiatives, businesses may find it challenging to keep staff motivated.

Top performers need to be rewarded with worthwhile awards. Having the option to personalize rewards, gives companies the ability to make the recognition process standout. Employees will remember the commitment from the company longer if they receive something they will use and appreciate on a regular basis. An organization can solves this problem by providing a range of merchandise for staff members to select from. This ensures that everyone is working toward something they will enjoy, while taking the pressure off the organization to select the perfect reward.

Gaining support for recognition programs
Incentive specialist companies like Xceleration can host businesses reward program platforms giving their client’s the flexibility to effectively run multiple initiatives simultaneously. This increases the firm’s ability to reach employees in different departments while making sure they are all striving toward common goals. By providing a secure web-based portal for their client’s Xceleration simplifies administrative and technical processes of creating new initiatives.

Keeping employee reward programs as simple as possible, allows businesses to tweak them as needed to generate the desired result. With the ability to adjust reward programs quickly to account for changes in consumer behavior, companies risk falling behind in their efforts to keep clients satisfied.

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