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Companies need to get proactive to boost customer satisfaction

Businesses in any industry can use these results to improve their customer service strategies, by aiming to make them more proactive.

Consumers want businesses to be more proactive when it comes to enhancing their experiences. A recent survey by the Varolii Corporation found that 70 percent of customers believe their banks should help them avoid financial problems like overdrafts through mobile apps and other programs.

Unfortunately, the survey also found that the applications financial institutions use to enhance customer experiences are failing to provide the level of services that consumers want. Just 32 percent of mobile financial app users state they have receive a reminder to pay bills, check balances or complete other routine transactions. Businesses in any industry can use these results to improve their customer service strategies and aim to make them more proactive.

Employee reward programs can assist organizations in their efforts to become more dedicated to anticipating consumers’ needs. Customer service agents can be trained to ask questions and determine the proper level of support each client needs. Those who achieve the goal of creating more engaging experiences for clients should be recognized for their efforts, sending a clear message to all workers about the importance of listening to customers.

Businesses like mobile apps because the technology allows them to collect large amounts of personal information on consumers. Analyzing this data can dramatically improve marketing efforts, but good interactions between customer service agents can also provide insight into the needs of the target audience. Call center incentives are an effective way to encourage employees to pass customer information and feedback to their managers and marketing teams.

These interactions give vital information needed to improve marketing strategies. Firms can develop more proactive mobile applications and enhance customers’ experiences with this data. By creating the opportunity for open dialog between front-line personnel and other departments and encouraging a more proactive culture with reward programs, businesses could see increased customer loyalty and higher repeat sales.

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