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Mobile technology is altering the call center landscape

Consumers are constantly seeking faster ways to compare and purchase products. For many the solution is mobile devices, which is forcing businesses to adjust their call center operations.

Consumers are constantly seeking faster ways to compare and purchase products. For many, the solution is mobile devices, which is forcing businesses to adjust their call center operations.

Transactions from mobile devices accounted for a quarter of all online sales in 2012, making it one of the fastest growing segments of the ecommerce industry. Companies that want to take advantage of the shifting trends need customer service agents capable of providing helpful and friendly support through this channel when clients experience problems. Call center incentive programs can help firms create a reputation for providing excellent service in emerging sales channels.

Supporting new sales channels
The main appeal of making purchases from mobile devices is the ability to accomplish the task at any time or place. This makes its essential that organizations support the channels properly. If a potential customer experiences problems with a transaction, he or she is likely to abandon the purchase, costing the company a sale. New technology is creating the opportunity for businesses to provide the support for mobile purchases through live chat or messaging programs. Because these channels are still young, call center agents need training and guidelines on how to properly provide the support customers need.

Call center incentives are a straightforward way for businesses to outline expectations for all staff members. Rewarding top performers sends a message to others about how their actions influence the purchasing decisions of customers, which helps staff members understand their importance to the company’s bottom line. Employees are likely to become more engaged and enthusiastic about their job when they feel that it is vital to the success of the company. This allows them to provide the professional service that customers expect, boosting satisfaction and brand loyalty. Strong customer service can increase sales by up to 20 percent making it vital to the continued growth of any business.

New technology and sales channels may requires additional training for some personnel. Recognizing those that have completed course requirements or made efforts to learn new skills can create a culture in which employees look forward to training programs. This helps staff members continually improve their performance, and allows firms to expand into new areas quickly. Strong training initiatives supported by reward programs make it possible for firms to become market leaders in new sales channels and industry sectors.

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