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Tips to building a more engaged workforce

New technology can even be used to run employee reward programs more effectively.

Happy and engaged workers are more productive than those just going through the motions. This is why businesses that want to increase performance often try to increase employee engagement levels. However, many initiatives fail to get the response that companies are seeking. Here are a handful of tips to increase motivation and energy among staff members.

Set clear goals

The Financial Post notes that without clear goals it is easy for employees to lose sight of the value of the initiatives. Undefined goals lead to confusion, which can generate unintended results and eat away at engagement. Without a clear objective employees have no idea how to proceed, so it is critical to tell workers how their success will be determined, the source states.

When setting goals it is important to start with a few simple ones to give workers motivation early in the program. This helps set the path to the more difficult objectives down the road and builds energy and momentum for the project. Recognizing early accomplishments keep workers engaged and moving toward the desired goal.

Provide feedback

As employees make progress toward objectives it is essential that managers take time to give feedback. Managers can use a timeline, with feedback give on a weekly or monthly basis or as a result of hitting certain sales figures. This is the time to take action to correct any activity that does not help the firm achieve its goals.

Feedback is a critical step for staff development, according to the Gallup Business Journal. Sitting down with individual employees to create personalized goals will keep them engaged and working on skills that help them achieve their objectives. Without regular feedback, employees may feel there is no room for advancement with the current company and leave when other opportunities arise.

Incorporate new technology

Companies are beginning to adopt new technology to engage their customers, and the same principles should apply to engaging their workers. New social media channels can streamline communication and create a forum for employees to share their success stories. This make it possible to acknowledge contributions on a regular basis instantly, building a more supportive and cooperative workforce.

New technology can even be used to run employee reward programs more effectively. In addition to enhancing communication throughout the company, social media can be used to host various staff improvement initiatives. This strategy is very common with wellness programs as workers join online communities with the goals of losing weight, quit smoking or maintain a regular fitness routine.

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