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Industry group looks to protect incentive programs

The Incentive Federation has stated a new grassroots effort called the Right to Recognize.

Employee incentive programs are valuable management tools for businesses in every industry. They help lift engagement levels, boost productivity and create innovative and supportive cultures. This is why the Incentive Federation has started a new grassroots effort called the Right to Recognize.

The program is designed to raise awareness about the value of reward and recognition programs, by educating professionals and state officials about the benefits they provide. Incentive Magazine reports that the federation will be hosting webinars to share its message while also reaching out to legislators to increase efforts to protect incentive programs.

Companies can earn tax credit for compensation provided to workers as part of reward programs. Even non-monetary rewards qualify for the credit, as merchandise purchased as part of the initiative is eligible as well. However, the recent recession has increased the need for additional revenue to support government programs and eliminating tax credits, like those that apply to employee reward programs, is a simple way to raise funds.

Employee incentive programs remain an effective way to increase productivity and enthusiasm among staff members. Recognizing the contribution of workers directly influences the bottom line by creating a strong corporate culture.

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