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Encourage leadership development with reward and recognition programs

Personalizing development goals and acknowledging performance publicly increase engagement levels among all staff members.

The Rochester Business Council, of Rochester, New York, will honor local female business leaders with its annual Athena Award. The community award has been recognizing local women in leadership roles for 27 years but a new report by ManpowerGroup states that more work needs to be done to create female business leaders.

“The world simply cannot afford such a poor representation of half the talent pool when filling key leadership positions is posing such a global challenge. Growing the pipeline of women in management roles is critical to having the talent businesses need to win,” said Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent. “Companies should revisit old-fashioned work models and people practices so that high-performing women are not prevented from rising to leadership positions.”

The report notes that just 1 in 5 senior management positions globally are held by women. Organizations can improve the mix of talent among all levels of their operations by developing employee reward and recognition programs. These initiatives can create a culture that encourages managers to discuss career development options with all employees. When workers are able to visualize their career paths they are more likely to stay with their existing companies and attempt to move up the ranks. A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 21 percent of workers stated internal promotions and more career development programs would encourage them to stay at their current companies.

Employee reward programs can be used to create a dialog between employees and their supervisors. Personalizing development goals and acknowledging performance publicly increase engagement levels among all staff members. Creating a sense of pride among workers is a simple way to encourage them to pursue higher goals with their work, moving up the ladder until they have achieved their full potential. With a wide selection of rewards, companies can be sure to provide motivation regardless of the employee’s gender, age or experience.

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