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Using social media to build communities within the company

Social media networks give businesses the ability to connect everyone in their organization.

Companies are taking advantage of technology to improve efficiency and performance. Social and mobile platforms enable employees to access files remotely, giving them additional control over their work. These same networks can also be used to motivate workers and increase engagement.

Social media networks give businesses the ability to connect everyone in their organization. Remote offices or those working from home could benefit from having companies run reward and recognition programs over social networks. This provides workers with a channel for direct feedback about their performance and helps create a common culture among employees in different offices, which can smooth interactions and lead to greater cooperation.

Companies can partner with specialists like Xceleration to implement incentive programs. Xceleration provide vital technical support that makes it possible to host programs across social networks. By hosting the initiative sites directly, Xceleration frees their clients to administer the program more effectively and incorporate various social channels for sharing news, rewards and recognizing employee contributions.

Embracing new technology in this way could help organizations create a more flexible workforce. As employees get used to communicating and interacting through social or mobile platforms, they may find ways to use the technology in their work. A flexible schedule was one of the top perks that kept workers in their current position, according to a survey by CareerBuilder. Fifty-one percent of employees listed work-life balance as the top reason for staying at with their existing employer.

Cloud servers and other web-based tools give employees the ability to complete many assignments from home, giving workers more options for working. However, this can create a number of challenges for employers in their efforts to keep staff members motivated and engaged. Employee reward programs conducted through social networks may encourage interactions. Creating the communities and shared values among staff members can help them feel more connected regardless of where they work.

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