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Creating shared values and innovation with social media

Shared values are the key to building a cooperative and cohesive business environment that boosts employee engagement and production.

Shared values are the key to building a cooperative and cohesive business environment that boosts employee engagement and production. Many organizations attempt to create these values by making them a part of the firm's long-term objectives and guiding principles, but employee reward recognition programs may be a more effective way to create common goals.

These initiatives build a central identity for staff members which encourages them to support coworkers and buy into company programs. Incentive magazine notes that social media has made the creation of these shared values even easier by expanding the environment in which employees interact. Workers are no longer limited on when they may connect with coworkers as they can use down-time to acknowledge the help they have received or track their performance.

The source outlines several things to keep in mind when implementing social technology into recognition programs.

Embrace the public environment
Social media allows businesses to create a public domain for sharing ideas, opening dialogue and building a centralized culture. Companies that embrace the public aspects of social media are likely to see better results in their reward programs. Encouraging workers to post updates and share news regularly will increase participation and allow for an informal control on employee behavior.

In a separate article, the source notes that the public communications of social media make it ideal for starting grassroots campaigns. These efforts may be something simple, like getting a favorite flavor of coffee in the company break room, or more complex, such as the development of a new product. Embracing and recognizing this form of communication among from workers may lead to new products or more efficient workflows.

Highlight success stories
Though social media effectively brings groups together, don't forget its simple utility when making announcements. Teams that find success in their grassroots efforts should be acknowledged publicly. Social technology provides the means to make this recognition immediately. The forum provides a way for everyone to be informed of various successes, getting instant feedback about the shared values companies hope to create.

The source notes that feedback should be centered on the results of projects or efforts. Companies can push teams to make their projects public, which may inspire other teams to adapt it to their department in a new way.  This can generate a large number of efforts to improve company performance while keeping staff members excited and engaged.

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