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Sales incentives can boost results from all departments

Companies can benefit from having a properly structured incentive program targeted to increase employee engagement and generate better service for clients.

Most businesses view sales incentive programs as an essential part of their outside sales strategy. Salespeople are encouraged to work harder to cultivate new leads and bring in more clients as they are rewarded with higher commission rates.

Executives like this strategy because it directly directly links compensation to the new revenue a firm can bring in. However, other departments could also benefit from having a properly structured incentive program targeted to increase employee engagement and generate better service for clients.

In an article for Hospitality.net, Doug Kennedy, President of the Kennedy Training Network, notes that sales incentive programs are an easy way for hotels to increase the performance of their front desk personnel or those taking reservations. These individuals often provide a central interaction for those seeking rooms or other services, and tying their performance to sales incentives can encourage them to offer upgrades in a friendly and engaging way.

“If the lodging industry wants its reservations and front desk agents to think like salespeople, act like salespeople, and to perform like salespeople, then we as an industry need to also compensate them as salespeople,” Kennedy states in the article.

Improving customer service
In addition to boosting the number of reservations, employee reward programs can be used to create a consistent level of service. This helps to increase sales even if the direct impact is hard to measure. More businesses are relying on secret shoppers to evaluate the performance of their customer service initiatives. Incorporating the results of these assessments into incentive programs can help create a customer-first culture throughout the corporation. Acknowledging when an individual worker has exceeded customer expectations could inspire others to take the steps needed to build client loyalty and retention rates.

Businesses that use sales incentive programs and acknowledge the successes of their staff are likely to see a high return on investment. These goals should be challenging but attainable, or workers will lose interest quickly. Building a properly conducted reward program is easy with the assistance of a specialist like Xceleration, as they have the expertise to help companies run their incentive programs more effectively.

Xceleration has the resources to host the initiatives on their servers, providing secure access to all appropriate employees. This frees their clients to dedicate more resources to core business functions and creates better results for the programs. Having expert advisors on hand can help any company generate a stronger return on investment for their incentive programs.

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