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Reward programs help boost employee engagement

Employee rewards programs can be an essential part of building and maintaining high engagement levels among workers.

Engaged employees make it possible for companies to continually innovate and outperform expectations, turning them into an even more valuable resource for employers. Fortunately, a recent survey by Modern Survey shows that the number of fully engaged workers increased by 5 percent in the last year. The number of disengaged staff members also declined by the same amount, highlighting the success that businesses are having in lifting overall performance.

"It's clear more American workers are engaged in their jobs than a year ago," Modern Survey president Don MacPherson said. "But leaders need to be careful because if left unchecked, increasing dissatisfaction with compensation is likely to result in larger numbers of disengaged employees within the U.S. workforce in the near future."

Employee rewards programs can be an essential part of building and maintaining high engagement levels among workers. These initiatives encourage managers to recognize and reward outstanding performance that could boost pride and motivation for entire departments. An employee's immediate supervisor has the greatest influence on employee engagement levels, according to Forbes.

The source notes that the actions of managers have a direct correlation with employee satisfaction. Workers who feel their boss is treating them fairly and honest with them about issues are more likely to be engaged. Reward programs provide a simple, but effective way to encourage additional feedback to every employee. By working with staff members to create clear objectives and acknowledging accomplishments organizations can improve motivation of their workforce. 

Reward programs that are made public may have a stronger impact on staff development, as it can encourage a cooperative and supportive environment. As their coworkers near personal goals, employees may be inspired to work a little harder on their own development goals. This ensures that everyone is working toward their long-term objectives.

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