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Mobile transactions creating change for call center operations

Employee reward programs make it possible to create immediate but lasting change within call centers.

Consumers are quickly adjusting to new ways of making purchases. Mobile payments represent one of the fastest growing segments of ecommerce, as a new report by the mobile commerce platform provider Branding Brand shows.

The company’s Mobile Commerce Index for the holiday season showed that mobile sales increased by 171 percent on a year-over-year basis. Consumers want quick access to product information and easy transfer of funds straight from their mobile devices, and businesses will need to adjust their business practices to maximize sales.

Changing payment options places renewed focus on call centers. Customer service agents need to be capable of resolving issues in a range of channels while also providing friendly service. When combined with proper training, call center incentive programs can help create customer-first environment within the call center. This can increase overall customer satisfaction, while improving staff engagement levels. By supporting new initiatives with an incentive program companies may boost participation by staff members. Higher levels of commitment from agents will generate greater results, increasing mobile sales.

Mobile payments are not the only technology that consumers want access to. A survey by Ipsos found that 29 percent of adults want more electronic financial management tools. Companies can encourage their customer relationship management agents to send payment reminders or balance updates. The study also noted that consumers want an increasing range of payment options as 79 percent of consumers stated this made the purchasing process easier.

Creating an environment that encourages customer service agents to recommend alternative payment strategies or follow up on past interactions could drive sales growth and customer loyalty. Employee reward programs make it possible to create immediate but lasting change within call centers.

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