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Building an innovative culture with reward and recognition programs

If used correctly employee reward programs could help businesses build a culture that drives creativity and generates new ideas that change industries.

Every company is looking for the next big idea that will dramatically change their industry and give them a competitive advantage. However, finding innovative ideas can be challenging if businesses don’t take the right steps to cultivate the proper environment.

Culture encourages creativity
HR Magazine reports that organizations can improve their ability to spur creativity from their employees by developing a strong culture that rewards collaboration, open communication and risk. To encourage the creative process, companies could use employee reward and recognition programs. These initiatives can be tied to the development of new ideas, products or procedures to create incentive for employees to try new things. Workers that create an effective or promising innovation should be recognized for their contributions, which will encourage all workers to present their ideas.

The ability to move forward and develop ideas is essential to the creative process. Companies that are looking to become more innovative could see better results by encouraging employees to take advantage of the knowledge or skills of people in other departments. Boosting collaboration and communication within the company will expose workers to new ideas that could spur innovation and generate more solutions. It also helped develop the common culture in which creativity is rewarded.

“A lot of people have a view that innovation is done in a lab by scientists in white coats,” Scott Anthony, managing director at innovation consultancy Innosight, told the source. “Really, it’s the job of everyone in the organization to some degree. If you don’t have a common language and understanding, everything will fall apart, so that should be the first thing you do.”

Maintaining success
Acknowledging the various contributions to a successful innovation by workers from all departments could encourage additional cooperation in the future. Assigning points that can be used toward a larger award is a good strategy, as group members can be sure to receive something they want or need. It also rewards those that took the risk to get the project running, which is a key factor for building an innovative culture.

Not all ideas will work, but companies need to be prepared to accept and learn from failure. Recognizing those projects that teach the organization about new technology, workflow procedures or marketing strategies will keep employees motivated to take risk and develop new ideas. This keeps the company moving forward by providing the fuel for innovation. If used correctly, employee reward programs could help businesses build a culture that drives creativity and generates innovative ideas that change industries.

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