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Failing to deliver on marketing promises can be damaging to firms

Employee reward programs can be a useful tool in helping organization deliver on brand promises.

With mobile and social media becoming a larger part of daily interactions between businesses and consumers, companies are spending an increasing amount of time building their brand. Having a good reputation helps attract new leads and drives interactions with audiences, so it has become essential that businesses maintain a consistent image.

However, many organizations fail to ensure their staff have the capability to deliver on the promise of their brand. This can have a strong negative impact on their reputation and even end up costing them sales. The Performance Forum notes that failure to deliver on promises made by marketing promotions dramatically reduces customer loyalty and retention rates. To avoid this situation, companies should focus on promoting their core values internally. This ensures that workers understand consumers’ expectations and that business practices are aligned to meet those presumptions.

Increasing employee engagement to create a consistent brand
Employee reward programs can be a useful tool in helping organizations deliver on brand promises. These initiatives help create a corporate culture that embodies the values of the company. Employees are more engaged and take pride in building their firms’ reputations one interaction at a time. These programs can be used throughout the business, aligning practices to ensure that all aspects of an organization build the brand.

The source notes that reward and recognition programs encourage behavior that directly influences the customer experience in a positive way. Taking the time to acknowledge staff members that went beyond their assigned duties to deliver on the brand promise sends clear and consistent messages about expectations. This provides a foundation that can be built upon to create a strong reputation.

Delivering on promises increases customer spending
Businesses that are able to create an environment which supports their branding and marketing efforts may see an increase in revenue as a result. A survey by the Performance Forum found that when companies are able to deliver on promises their clients ended up spending more. Just a 10 percent increase in employees’ efforts to satisfy customers generated a 22 percent rise in spending. The ability to meet expectations encouraged clients to upgrade services, renew subscriptions and even purchase add-on features.

Using employee reward programs allow businesses to create a customer-first attitude that contributes to brand value and client satisfaction. Promoting core values to staff members increases engagement levels and makes it easier for workers to deliver a consistent brand to customers.

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