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Boosting performance with customized reward programs

Creating initiatives for after the holiday season can create a fun and exciting atmosphere for staff members that can lift engagment levels and productivity.

Many businesses may experience a drop in productivity following the holiday season. The Huffington Post notes that this time of year can see a lack of enthusiasm as from employees as workers settle into a post-holiday slump. Cold, dreary weather can increase the feeling of woe in an office, but fortunately, there are steps that can help businesses boost employee engagement levels.

Reward and recognition programs are a simple, but effective, way to see immediate results. Creating initiatives for after the holiday season can create a fun and exciting atmosphere for staff members. These programs can be designed around sales or production goals, but incorporating them into a wellness program may provide additional benefits for the company. Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent seasonal depression, so encouraging workers to stretch their legs during lunch or join a gym can increase office productivity. Wellness programs also have the added benefit of creating a healthier workforce, reducing insurance costs.

Regardless of the type of reward program they use, companies can boost participation by ensuring that their initiatives appeal to everyone. Managing staff members from various generations or cultural backgrounds can be challenging, as they will be motivated by different factors. INC Magazine notes that the key to motivating all workers is to take a more personalized approach. Sitting down to discuss goals and long-term objective with employees can help managers design reward programs around their teams, generating better results.

"I found the experience an excellent way to express one-to-one my recognition of employees' role in our business progress and ask their personal opinions on what we could do to improve," Patrick J. McGovern, chairman of International Data Group, told the source.

Tailoring programs to see results
Taking the time to create individualized rewards can help increase participation in wellness or other incentive programs. However, this can also be a potentially costly and time-consuming process. Having a range of merchandise for employees to choose from can generate similar results while ensuring that all workers are able to receive something they desire.

Businesses that want to see results from their employee reward programs need to spend as much time planning and creating the program as they do targeting individual customers. This raises the effectiveness of the initiative by tailoring it for specific teams and departments. 

"Target marketing aims to provide the appropriate products and services to people with specific needs," one software company's CEO explained to INC Magazine. "Similarly, if you target the right benefits to the individual, you eliminate a lot of waste and inefficiency associated with providing blanket benefits to people who didn't want or need them."

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