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Using mobile technology to reach everyone

Mobile and social technology allow businesses to create the environment needed to build connections and encourage participation in incentive programs.

Mobile technology is changing every aspect of management. From marketing to project coordination firms are finding innovative ways to build connections using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The technology is also having a large influence on employee incentive programs as well.

CCH Incorporated predicts that mobile technology will open new opportunities for interacting with employees. This could help businesses develop more effective sales strategies and boost participation in incentive programs to generate additional revenue for the company. Having the ability to reach workers at any time makes it possible for companies to share information, acknowledge performance and assign rewards.

At some organizations, mobile devices are being incorporated into gamification strategies. Sales staff or workers from various facilities can share information or report progress to their manager as they compete in entertaining game-like programs designed to increase performance. Venture Beat notes that tracking performance through gamification programs allows for real-time feedback. Employees can compare their sales numbers to others, which may motivate them to increase their efforts.

Social connections encourage participation in initiatives regardless of whether the employees work remotely or in different offices. Mobile and social technology allow businesses to create the environment needed to create these connections, but organizations still need a centralized platform on which to host the incentive program. Specialists like Xceleration can assist businesses with the administration of their employee engagement strategies by providing web-based portals that can be customized to meet the client's needs.

Xceleration will monitor access to the portal ensuring the privacy of any participating members and the additional space provided to firms allows for a wider selection of rewards that can serve to motivate workers. Venture Beat notes that rewards are an essential step in keeping staff members involved in the incentive program over time.

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