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Customer loyalty correlates with employee loyalty

Businesses which enhance employee satisfaction will see a correlated increase in their clients' level of satisfaction.

Delivering quality customer service can help organizations grow faster and see stronger returns on investment. A good experience will both build brand loyalty with consumers and encourage them to spend more.

A recent survey by Oracle found that 40 percent of consumers are willing to spend more money when companies provide a better customer experience. These results could have strong implications for businesses looking to increase their performance in the market. More organizations now focus on ensuring their customers are satisfied while providing features to enhance their overall experience. Social media and mobile apps give quick access to information and allow customers to share their stories to create an all-encompassing environment that drives loyalty.

However, businesses that want to see significant improvement in their customer retention should first focus internally. Forbes reports that businesses which enhance employee satisfaction will see a correlated increase in their clients' level of satisfaction. Put simply, happy employees create happy customers. When Hard Rock International reduced its employee turnover by 25 percent it saw a 22 percent increase in participation for its customer loyalty programs, the source noted.

Improving employee satisfaction
Companies can use employee reward recognition programs to boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. These initiatives motivate workers by creating a company culture that acknowledges hard work and success. Taking the time to recognize outstanding performance encourages all employees to take pride in their jobs and deliver the type of friendly, professional service that customers expect.

Reward programs can help improve performance in every department as well. Expanding the initiative outside of customer service centers pushes staff members to consider how their actions will affect the client. This result in a an environment where the entire organization works to improve the customers' experience to win their loyalty and boost sales.

Creating a program that works
Effective employee reward programs have been shown to lift engagement levels throughout an organization, but they do require commitment from the entire company. The right incentives can make a big difference in employee participation. Rewards should be personal, useful and relevant, which can be challenging when there are hundreds of staff members at a company. Allowing workers to select from a range of merchandise can provide something worthwhile to everyone. This will increase motivation and lead to better results for the program.

The focus of the program should be on improving employee satisfaction. Publicly recognizing success will help both workers feel appreciated and proud of their job. Higher levels of morale mean better retention rates and, by extension, an improvement in customer loyalty and sales growth.

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