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Initiating sustainable change within company cultures

The right reward program makes it easier to create change within organizations.

Call centers are a vital component in the process of growing companies and improving customer relations. These departments often represent the only aspect of a business that many customers interact with, therefore it is essential that all calls are provided the highest level of care possible.

Call Centre Clinic notes that many organizations are turning to technology to boost performance in customer service centers. This strategy can provide useful feedback on overall execution of skills and identify areas that need improvement. To see the best possible results, companies should implement call center incentive programs.

The source reports that the right reward program makes it easier to create change within organizations. Employee performance is monitored and top earners can be recognized for their accomplishment. Taking the time to acknowledge the hard work of a few individuals can encourage all staff members to work a little harder.

Make recognition public
Public recognition is a powerful tool when it comes to changing the culture of a group, as long as it sends clear messages about the desired behaviors. Clear communication is a necessity for businesses looking to implement long-lasting change. Employees who understand what is expected of them and how they can get their reward will be more willing to help the initiative succeed. They can even be enlisted to encourage others improve their performance generating better results.

Call center incentive programs should include some form of peer recognition platform that allows workers to share their success stories to see greater results. This will facilitate a supportive culture with the shared values that encourages strong customer service. A points system is a simple but effective way to build this cooperative environment. Employees who have received assistance from a coworker may nominate him or her for recognition. The more nominations a staff member receives, the more points they earn toward a reward. This can keep the incentive program from petering out due to a lack of involvement as staff members gradually earn the reward of their choice.

The right rewards can drive worker participation in the program. Awards should be big and relevant to the user. This can mean different things to each person so allowing staff members to choose from a selection of merchandise may assure that everyone has the opportunity to earn something of value to them. Boosting participation in incentive programs can help any company improve communication among staff and help facilitate cultural changes within organizations.

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