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Companies focus too much on goals to detriment of creativity

Employee reward and recognition programs don’t manage themselves.

Employee reward and recognition programs don’t manage themselves. They require attention and maintenance from senior personnel to ensure they produce targeted results and rather than undesired side effects.

One possible result of an unsupervised emphasis on goals can be damaging to corporate culture and overall creativity, management expert Ed Frauenheim writes for Workforce.com.

Benchmarks can stifle staff members' ability to explore new ideas and innovate. In a report from the website to be released next month, workers were asked what the most effective tools are for spurring innovation, and the top responses were "giving employees freedom to spend time developing ideas and projects" and "facilitating collaboration among employees."

"[Companies] aren't tapping this tactic like they should," Frauenheim explains. "I suspect a major reason for the disconnect is that companies and employees are too focused on hitting their performance goals … goals can be useful … today's business climate puts "measurable results" on a pedestal."

To address the problem, firms can find ways to look at goals in a new light. What do they represent? What are they seeking to accomplish? Are they quantitative or really qualitative?

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