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Maintain quality service through the holiday season

There are several steps that companies can take to ensure the quality of customers' experiences.

The National Retail Federation estimates that sales during the holiday season will reach $586 billion, and ecommerce transactions are a growing part of that total.

This year's Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day ever, with 129 million people going online to make purchases, according to the source. When these consumers run into problems, they turn to customer service centers to provide quick resolutions, resulting in a marked increase in call center traffic during this time of year. This can create a number of challenges for businesses and their employees, as they can easily become overwhelmed if the system is not working appropriately.

There are several steps that companies can take to ensure the quality of customers' experiences. For instance, many businesses turn to temporary help during the holiday season, because the increased call volume requires a few extra hands. Training and extended hours can also be used to provide the services that will increase customer loyalty and generate greater sales. But despite these improvements, the holidays can be a difficult time for employees.

Improving customer service
Call center incentive programs can help businesses maintain a high level of customer service through even the busiest seasons. Taking the time to recognize outstanding performances by employees serves as a reminder of the value of quality work and the long-term objectives of the company. The programs can also provide additional motivation for workers by offering rewards that are personal and useful to them.

Employee reward programs make it easy to maintain the skills of the entire customer service department. Training initiatives can be extremely helpful in providing quick, reliable and professional service, but employees often dread having to take courses or attend seminars. Resource Nation recommends conducting caller drills that use sample phone calls from distressed customers to provide learning opportunities. Employees who perform extremely well in these drills may earn points toward rewards. By combining the training with the opportunity to earn merchandise, the company increases participation and morale within the call center.

These initiatives can work with temporary hires as well. Having a bonus structure in place is a powerful recruiting tool, as it makes the company a more desirable employer. Reward and recognition programs help build a cohesive work environment, which encourages cooperation and communication that may lead to to higher levels of employee engagement. Happy customer service agents are able to deliver better service to consumers, increasing loyalty at the most opportune times.

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