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Creating a happy, productive workforce

Happy employees are productive employees, or so the logic goes.

Happy employees are productive employees, or so the logic goes. Numerous studies have been done to back up this assertion, convincing more firms to implement reward and recognition programs.

So what can businesses do to improve the happiness and, thus, the productivity of their staff members? First, companies will want to establish clear goals for workers, The Wall Street Journal explains. This not only gives individuals something to work for but also opens up opportunities to offer personal and constructive feedback.

Additionally, rewards can play a key role in short-term motivation initiatives, the news source notes. They can help employees maintain high performance and maximize their overall output by striving to achieve a certain reward or complete a project.

"Good organizations encourage motivation by helping employees own issues and take responsibility," the newspaper explains. "And they do that at a level that fits with an individual's skills, strengths and expertise levels. Those employees are encouraged to work on what they are good at, to prioritize what they do and to build efficiencies into their work."

Firms can meet with employees and conduct surveys to find what matters to them, what they would like changed and how they're best motivated to begin boosting office happiness.

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